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        Changing Your Conservatory Shape

        • 21st March 2016

        We can change your Conservatory shape and roof?

        Whether you want to totally change your Conservatory shape, or just want to replace the roof with a Guardian Warm Roof at Revive we have solutions for everyone.

        Our team can not just replace your Conservatory roof with a new Guardian Warm Roof, if your frames are old and tired we can replace those too. Perhaps you want the room converting into more of a Garden Room with a solid wall at one side, yes that is possible. We have had customers who have changed their Conservatories from an existing Edwardian to a P-Shaped Conservatory and many other different styles.

        A Guardian Warm Roof has many benefits, one which is the ability to transform your old Conservatory into a room you can use all year round. However, we find many home owners wish their Conservatory was slightly bigger though or perhaps a different shape. Others simply require more space for growing families.

        Now we can not just to replace your Conservatory roof, we can transform the whole appearance and space of your Conservatory.

        Take for example a classic Victorian Shaped Conservatory with its angled front facets. This type of Conservatory cuts down the overall floor space internally of the room. We can alter or extend this type of Conservatory changing it to an Edwardian or more square shaped to give you a much larger Garden Room, extending your living space.

        Whether you want to totally change the Conservatory shape or you just need to replace your old tired frames. Our team can help carry out these changes for less than the cost of a total re-build.

        The Conservatory featured below was for Mr & Mrs Armstrong’s property in Chester le Street, Co. Durham.

        The project involved us bricking up one of the sides of the Conservatory creating a internal wall. We replaced the frames of the Conservatory with new ones and added the new Guardian Warm Roof. We then added LED mood lighting in the roof to give more ambience to the room on an evening. Mr & Mrs Armstrong are really pleased with the transformation. They now have a room they can use 365 days a year, which is more like an extension to their home than their traditional Conservatory was, you can see the before and after photos featured below.

        If you would like to find out more about our Conservatory shape alterations or our new Guardian Warm Roofs. Please contact us using the form on our website or give us a call.

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