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        A Solution For Cold Conservatories During Winter

        • 21st November 2016

        Cold Conservatories During The Winter Period

        Cold Conservatories are a problem for many properties, especially during the Winter time.

        Although we may do our best to add extra radiators or heating a lot of the money is literally going out the roof.

        Many traditional conservatories are built with a polycarbonate roof. The issue with these types of conservatory roofs is during the summer time they are often too hot and during winter too cold. Furthermore, another problem with the polycarbonate conservatory roofs is noise especially during the winter period from wind and rain.

        So what is the answer for cold conservatories during the Winter?

        By investing in a new insulated Conservatory roof, you can economically heat the room during the winter and stay cooler during the summer months.

        Guardian Warm Roofs are a unique and innovative solution for traditional conservatory roofs. Not only do they look good they offer some great benefits when it comes to energy efficiency.

        • High Performance – All the Guardian Warm Roof Systems we install are fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.
        • Energy Saving – With a U-value of up to 0.23W/m2.k, not just meets but exceeds the current building regulations. In-turn improving energy efficiency and lowering your heating bills.
        • Flexibility – The roofs we install offer a great deal of flexibility allowing for individual window and door configuration.
        • Innovative – Using modern methods of construction to insulate the walls without the need for them to be thicker.
        • Altering Shape – With the modern technology of these roofs, we can replace frames and the roof or even change the total shape of your conservatory. The choice is endless, just ask what options are available with your Conservatory.
        • External Finishes – A huge choice of roof tiles are available to match your home. We also offer a large range of finishes to suit your existing property.

        Thermal Efficient Roofs

        Each component which goes into the Guardian warm roofs has been fully tested and approved by independent industry experts. These tests are carried out to evaluate thermal efficiency, structural performance, condensation risk and measurable energy savings.

        Furthermore, with building control approval. Our Guardian high-performance roofing systems can allow for the removal of the wall between the house and conservatory.  Therefore offering a greater flexibility when it comes to  extending or enlarging your living space.

        Fitted In 2 – 3 Days

        The downside to cold conservatories especially over the Winter period is they often don’t get used as often. Its often during the festive period, when people need that extra living space for family and friends visiting.

        At Revive property solutions we can fit your new Conservatory roof within just 2 – 3 days (depending on size). Which means there is still time to transform your conservatory into a room you can use all year round before the festive period.

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