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        Lightweight Conservatory Roofs and Frames

        • 16th December 2016

        Our new Lightweight Conservatory Roofs and Frames can save you £s on a new Conservatory

        Did you know replacing Conservatory Roofs and Frames can transform the look of your Conservatory without the cost of a new one?

        Having a new Conservatory built can often prove to be quite expensive. Most people are generally happy with the layout of their Conservatory. However one of the main issues with traditional Conservatories is they suffer from being too hot during the summer months and too cold over the winter months. Another key issue is the loud noises heard from wind and rain on the Conservatory roof.

        With a solid conservatory roof it turns your old Conservatory into a room which can be used all year round.

        Take for example the project below for Mr & Mrs Scott. Their conservatory was looking tired, leaking in, draughty and altogether unsightly. It was certainly not a room they could sit in and relax.

        The size of the room was the only thing in its favour, therefore we recommended new highly efficient windows, doors and a new Guardian warm roof. This not only transformed the look of the room,  it created a comfortable, modern and bright room which they could use all year round.

        When it comes to the installation of your Conservatory roof, we use a lightweight tiled roofing system. This offers extreme energy efficiency and dramatically reduces the noise associated with wind and rain.

        The fully insulated roofing system helps keep your room at a comfortable temperature all year round.

        Furthermore, our lightweight tiled roofing systems come with a fantastic choice of tiles and colours to choose from.  In addition, Fakro roof windows can be installed in the roof to allow the natural light to flow through your home.

        Conservatory roofs and frames

        With our Conservatory roofs and frames, you are not just getting all the benefits of these new lightweight roofs. You are also benefiting from new frames, giving it a brand new look and feel. The choice is endless for what can be achieved with new Conservatory roofs and frames.

        In addition to adding new frames and a roof, we can change the actual shape. Internal walls can be added to hang your TV on the wall, giving you more flexibility for your new room.

        Over the years we have added frames, walls and even extensions to many of the conservatories we have installed new roofs on. Saving the homeowners money on the cost of re-building a new conservatory.

        Your Internal Design

        With the internal design of your Conservatory,  homeowners can have a choice of either a plastered roof or timber /PVC-u cladding. We offer a range of lighting solutions including our LED Mood Lighting Systems adding the WOW factor to your finished project.

        Planning permission solid conservatory roofs

        In addition to all the benefits above, you don’t generally require planning permission to add a solid conservatory roof. In October 2010 the building regulations changed to allow homeowners to add a solid roof on their conservatory.

        You can find out more information on the link below or call us for advice on your own individual situation.


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