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        Solid Conservatory Roofs

        • 21st April 2016

        Solid Conservatory roofs the smart option for your Conservatory in the North East

        Our Guardian Solid Conservatory Roofs can be perfect no matter if you are having a new conservatory constructed or an old conservatory roof replaced.

        The difference with our lightweight tiled roofs is that they give homeowners a room that can be enjoyed all year round. No more listening to the loud wind and rain on your Conservatory roof. Worrying about the room being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. What you get with our new solid conservatory roofing systems is a roof that is an extension of your home to be used 365 days a year.

        Take for example Mr and Mrs Harrop’s property below; we replaced their existing polycarbonate roof with a new lightweight roof using antique red tiles. We added a roof window into the design, and a lighting box on the internal part of the roof with LED spotlights. The transformation looks amazing; Mr and Mrs Harrop now have a room, which they are enjoying all year round.

        The system we use is a lightweight tiled roofing system; it offers extreme energy efficiency and can dramatically reduce the noise, which is generally associated with wind and rain on traditional conservatories.

        All our solid tiled roofs are fully insulated to help keep your room at a more comfortable temperature throughout the year.

        We have a fantastic choice of tiles and colours to choose from for your solid conservatory roof. Our team can help advise you on the right colour and style to tie in with your existing property.

        Fakro roof windows can also be installed into the tiled roof to allow the natural light to flow through your room.

        The Internal Design

        When it comes to the inside of your Conservatory we can offer a choice of either a plastered roof or timber /PVC-u cladding. Our LED Mood Lighting Systems can certainly add the WOW factor to your finished project.

        Perhaps you are looking to replace your conservatory roof, but you would also like to have a solid wall to place the TV on? Our team can often do this without you having to go to the expense of having a new conservatory built. We have added frames, walls and even extensions to many conservatories and replaced the roofs with a new solid conservatory roof. Saving many of our customer’s money on the cost of re-building a whole new conservatory.

        Planning permission for solid conservatory roofs

        We often get asked do I need planning permission for a solid conservatory roof? The simple answer is no, in October 2010 the building regulations where changed to allow you to put a solid roof on your conservatory as long as it meets certain criteria.


        You can find out more here or call us and we can advise you on your individual situation.

        You can find out more about our Guardian Solid Conservatory Roofs on our dedicated page

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